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24 Feb. 2016

Rebels Recon Season 2 Episode 16: “The Honorable Ones”

The latest Rebels Recon is now up for tonight’s new episode titled “The Honorable Ones,” where Dave Filoni and the cast and crew talk about the odd situation of Zeb and Agent Kallus having to work together in order to survive being stranded on a remote moon of Geonosis. Pablo Hidalgo answers a question about […]

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04 Dec. 2015

“Legacy” Preview Clip

Sorry I’m a bit late with getting this posted, but the first preview clip from next week’s new episode titled “Legacy” was released yesterday, and features and intense blaster battle between Kannan, Zeb, Ezra and some Stormtroopers. You can check out the clip in the video above. “Legacy” airs next Wednesday December 9th.

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02 Dec. 2015

Rebels Recon Season 2 Episode 09: “The Future Of The Force”

Ahsoka and the two new Inquisitors returned in tonight’s new episode titled “The Future of the Force,” and now we get our behind the scenes look at the episode with the latest Rebels Recon! You can check out the latest Rebels Recon for tonight’s episode “The Future of the Force” in the video above, where […]

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30 Nov. 2015

“The Future Of The Force” Preview

The official preview for this week’s new episode of “Star Wars Rebels” titled “The Future Of The Force” has just been sent to us from Lucasfilm, where we get the official description of the episode, some new images with Ahsoka using her new Lightsabers, and a great new clip featuring the two new Inquisitors!     […]

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28 Oct. 2015

Rebels Recon Season 2 Episode 04: “Always Two There Are”

A new “Star Wars Rebels” episode means a new Rebels Recon video is online! And for tonight’s episode “Always Two There Are,” we hear from Sarah Michelle Geller at New York Comic Con, and Dave Filoni makes a big reveal about The Inquisitor from season 1! We also get a sneak peek at next week’s […]

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23 Oct. 2015

“Always Two There Are” Preview

Sarah Michelle Geller makes her “Star Wars Rebels” debut as the Seventh Sister in next week’s new episode titled “Always Two There Are,” and here is the official preview for the new episode sent to us from Lucasfilm, where you will see some new images and an awesome new clip!           […]

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