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02 Oct. 2017

Star Wars Forces Of Destiny Episode 10: Tracker Trouble

Han Solo and Finn make their “Star Wars: Forces Of Destiny” debut in the latest episode to be released online titled “Tracker Trouble,” as they along with Rey, Chewie and BB-8 try to take care of a bomb on the Falcon before making it to Maz Kanata. You can check out “Tracker Trouble” in the […]

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03 Jul. 2017

Star Wars Forces Of Destiny Episode I: Sands of Jakku

The first episode of “Star Wars Forces of Destiny is now online! The premiere episode is titled “Sands of Jakku,” which features Rey and BB-8, and shows us that it wasn’t quite the easy journey back home after Rey found the droid in “The Force Awakens.” You can watch the first episode in the video […]

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